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Welcome To The Business of Writing School—Where Creativity Meets Business!

As a BoW student, you will have access to great content that will accelerate your creative development AND your sales.

  • Online courses such as The Bestsellers' Toolkit, How To Pitch, Content Marketing, The Write Business, How To Set Goals, Successful Writing, and more...
  • Learn how to position yourself as an expert in your field
  • Improve your profile and improve your profits
  • Turn your passion into a business
  • Build a selling platform to skyrocket your sales
  • Know what all successful writers know—how to put structure, standards, strategy and systems into your writing
  • Get 1-on-1 coaching and mentorship to maximize your Write Business
  • And so much more...

Access webinars, blogs, podcasts, downloads, ebooks, and forums to learn everything you'll ever need to create, publish, market and sell your novel or book.

Plus, be sure in the knowledge that our course designers are experts with years of experience in publishing, writing, editorial and, just as importantly, business and entrepreneurship.

We look forward to helping you become a successful Write Business author.


What Others Are Saying

"It was great to go to a day that was well-organised, included a workbook and actually addressed the real issues that many writers face. The business model that was presented, combined with personal development thinking, was inspired and has given me a different perspective on marketing the different aspects of my skill set, not just writing." ~ Helen Hutton, Business Trainer, Double Check Solutions

"I left your session full of energy and excited about expanding the manuscript and ideas and strategies mentioned." ~ Geoff Richmond, Business Mentor, Straight Talk

“Their ability to encourage action and keep writer’s on track is fabulous and I for one, have appreciated the robust and practical coaching.” ~ Sharon Kaibel, Founding Director, AchieverNet

“It's all very well to have the creativity, enthusiasm and the sheer gall to write a book. But that's only the very first step of a long haul to selling it and the readers loving it. The Business of Writing School has effectively guided me through the tortuous process of turning my enthusiasm into a product that I now not only believe will sell but, more importantly, will achieve its purpose of making a difference in a specific area of human need  for a carefully identified target market.” ~ Peter Nicholls, Lifestyle Mentor and author of The Hunger to Grow